The Biobank of Eastern Finland is founded and owned by the North Savo Hospital Districts, the South Savo Social and Health Care Authority, Siun Sote – the Joint Municipal Authority for North Karelia Social and Health services, the Eastern Savo Hospital District, and the University of Eastern Finland. The Biobanks field of research covers the specialty fields in health and clinical care of the owner organizations and stakeholders.

The Biobank of Eastern Finland is a part in, a national node of BBMRI-ERIC. The major goal of BBMRI is to develop a trans-European research infrastructure that will facilitate high-quality research use of comprehensive collections of biological samples and associated data. was nominated to the Academy of Finland 2014 infrastructure roadmap. organises an interface with national Network of Biobanks and Biological resources and coordinates their activities with those of BBMRI-ERIC. Overall, aims to create an internationally leading biobank infrastructure providing strategic support to biomedical research, healthcare and the biomedical industry.

National and international cooperation to promote pharmaceutical and health research.