Guidelines for researchers

Biobank of Eastern Finland enables access to samples and clinical data from a genetically unique isolated population, an invaluable asset for pharmaceutical and health research.

How to acquire samples and data for research

The Biobank of Eastern Finland provides samples from its sample repository, with associated clinical information, for medical research and R&D purposes. In addition, the biobank allocates resources for prospective sample collections based on approved project plans.

How to
Acquire Samples and Data for Research?
Contact Biobank
of Eastern Finland

When you have a research question or
R&D project proposal, contact
biobank about the availability of required data and samples.

Application for
biobank materials

Submit an application for materials. Please see detailed information about the request.


Biobank’s Scientific Steering
Committee reviews all the requests and the project proposals.


The decision of approval is made by the Biobank based on the recommendation of the Scientific Committee.

MTA and transfer of the materials and data

Researcher is provided with MTA and invoiced for costs, and subsequently receives materials and data.

Return of data to Biobank

After completing the research, the relevant research data is returned to the biobank.

FINGENIOUS – access biobank material

When you submit your feasibility or access request through FINGENIOUS, your request will be distributed by FINBB (Finnish Biobank Cooperative) to all six regional hospital biobanks – unless you specify which biobanks your request is aimed at. A biobank research specialist at either FINBB or a regional biobank will contact you after receiving your request.

FINGENIOUS offer direct services:

  • Feasibility requests from biobank samples and data
  • Direct communication with biobank research specialists
  • Feasibility reports uploaded
  • Access requests for biobank samples and data

FINGENIOUS is a service portal for researchers in biobank studies. Registering with FINGENIOUS is the first step to conducting a biobank study with samples and/or data from one or several regional hospital biobanks in Finland.

Please, use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers. FINGENIOUS does not support Internet Explorer.

You will receive a feasibility report including the numbers of requested samples and the availability of the requested data across the regional hospital biobanks after a preliminary search. An initial feasibility service is free of charge. If compiling the feasibility report requires exceptional effort and a significant amount of time, you will be contacted to give you a cost estimate for the feasibility report.

Submitting access requests is free of charge. However, administrative costs related to access request handling will be included in the final cost estimation of your project.