Biobank consent and refusal can only be given by those aged 18 years and over, so far.

Every sample that is saved in the biobank requires the donor’s written informed consent. Prior to the sample donation donor is given an information sheet and consent form. If a person is willing to donate a sample, he/she fills out and signs the consent form.

Consent and withdrawal of consent

The donor may later cancel the consent or restrict the use of the sample at any time without giving any reason. The withdrawal or restriction should be made in writing to the biobank, according to tha biobank’s specific instructions.

The withdrawal of consent is documented in the biobank consent register, after which the samples and the information will no longer be used.

Old samples (that have been collected before 1.9.2013 for treatment, diagnostic purposes or medical research) will be transferred to the Biobank of Eastern Finland according to a public notification. If the donor does not object the transfer no activity is needed from the donor. The donor has the right at any time to subsequently deny the use of samples and data in biobank research by giving written notice to the biobank.

Sample donation is always voluntary.

Biobank consent and refusal forms are available only in Finnish at the moment.

Biobank consent – in Finnish (pdf)

Biobank Refusal – in Finnish (pdf)