Step 3: Scientific steering committee

The Biobank of Eastern Finland’s Scientific Steering Committee reviews requests for sample and data access and the project proposals. The recommendation will be based on the following:

  • Links between the proposed research project and the Biobank of Eastern Finland’s research focus and aims
  • The scientific merits of the proposed research project
  • The amount of material requested in relation to its availability within the Biobank of Eastern Finland’s sample repository
  • The qualification and resources of the team carrying out the proposed research project

The Scientific Steering Committee may request a supplementary statement of Research Ethics Committee or other completing documents.

Composition of the Biobank of Eastern Finland’s Scientific Steering Committee:

  • Jarmo Jääskeläinen, Professor in Pediatrics, UEF (chairman)
  • Mikael von und zu Fraunberg, Associate Chief Neurosurgeon, NeuroCenter, KUH (vice chairman)
  • Leea Keski-Nisula, Chief Physician, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, KUH (vice chairman)
  • Ville Leinonen, Professor of UEF Neurosurgery
  • Pekka Mäntyselkä, Professor of General Practice, School of Medicine, UEF
  • Antti Saari, M.D., Ph.D., Pediatrician, Department of Pediatrics, KUH
  • Ari Uusaro, Professor of Intensive Care, Chief Physician, Department of Intensive Care, UEF and KUH
  • Esa Jantunen, Professor of Medicine, Clinical Hematology, UEF and Siun sote
  • Ilkka Harvima, Professor of Dermatology and Allergology, Department of Dermatology, KUH and UEF
  • Johanna Kuusisto, Professor of Medicine and Chief Physician, Centre for Medicine and Clinical Research, KUH and UEF
  • Juha Hartikainen, Chief Physician, Professor, Heart Center, KUH and UEF
  • Kai Kaarniranta, Professor, Chief Physician, Ophthalmology, KUH
  • Marjo Renko, Professor in Pediatrics, UEF and KUH
  • Merja Heinäniemi, Academy Research Fellow, Associate Professor in Bioinformatics, UEF
  • Outi Kuittinen, Professor, Chief Physician, Oncology, KUH and UEF
  • Paavo Honkakoski, Professor in Biopharmacy, School of Pharmacy, UEF
  • Timo Nykopp, PhD, FEBU, Clinical Teacher, Urology, UEF
  • Panu Peitsaro, Chief Executive Medical Officer, Sosteri
  • Päivi Auvinen, Assistant Chief Oncologist, Cancer Center, KUH
  • Reetta Kälviäinen, Professor in Neurology, UEF and KUH
  • Reijo Sironen, M.D., Ph.D., Docent of Pathology, KUH
  • Risto Pirinen, Chief Physician, Pathology, Siun sote
  • Sakari Simula, Specialist in Neurology, Essote
  • Tuomas Rauramaa, Deputy Chief Physician, Pathology, KUH
  • Tuomas Rissanen, Head of Conservative Clinical Group, Siun sote
  • Tuula Klaavuniemi, Specialist in Oncology, Essote