Step 4: Decision

The final decision of approval is made by the Biobank of Eastern Finland based on the recommendation of the Scientific Committee. This decision may be appealed.

Access may be granted to health science research plans that aim for high scientific quality and impact are performed in an ethical manner by reputable researchers with an established scientific record, and that correspond with the research area of the Biobank of Eastern Finland.

  • Promotion of population health
  • Identification of factors contributing to disease mechanisms
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Development of products promoting population health and welfare
  • Development of products and practices used in health care.

Main criteria for the approval of a research project:

  • The project is clear and specifically defined
  • The analysis plan is scientifically compelling and coherent
  • The material requested is available for sharing
  • The project proposal does not overlap with ongoing projects
  • The requested data and analysis plan do not compromise the confidentiality of sample donors.

According to the Biobank Act, access to the samples and data can be restricted, especially if:

  • The intended use goes against the Biobank of Eastern Finland’s defined research area, the consent that forms the grounds for processing the sample, or the legal requirements
  • The ethical or scientific level of the intended use cannot be verified
  • The professional or scientific qualifications of the applicant cannot be verified
  • The applicant’s prerequisites to comply with laws and the Biobank of Eastern Finland’s guidelines and agreements cannot be verified
  • The material that is being requested is limited, so its use is being prioritised for very significant research
  • The material that is being requested is the original research subject of the researcher who collected the material, and assigning it for another purpose would jeopardise this primary use
  • The research plan that is being presented in the request overlaps with research that is already being conducted or which has already ended
  • Use of the material that is being requested in the manner presented would jeopardise the protection of privacy
  • An ongoing intellectual property rights protection process would be jeopardised
  • The researcher has previously failed to fulfil his or her agreement with the Biobank of Eastern Finland.