Guidelines for researchers

Biobank of Eastern Finland enables access to samples and clinical data from a genetically unique isolated population, an invaluable asset for pharmaceutical and health research.

How to acquire samples and data for research

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The Biobank of Eastern Finland provides samples from its sample repository, with associated clinical information, for medical research and R&D purposes. In addition, the biobank allocates resources for prospective sample collections based on approved project plans.

How to
Acquire Samples and Data for Research?
Contact Biobank
of Eastern Finland

When you have a research question or
R&D project proposal, contact
biobank about the availability of required data and samples.

Application for
biobank materials

Submit an application for materials. Please see detailed information about the request.


Biobank’s Scientific Steering
Committee reviews all the requests and the project proposals.


The decision of approval is made by the Biobank based on the recommendation of the Scientific Committee.

MTA and transfer of the materials and data

Researcher is provided with MTA and invoiced for costs, and subsequently receives materials and data.

Return of data to Biobank

After completing the research, the relevant research data is returned to the biobank.